• Full customization - contact me for special color combination orders

• Zinc-plated steel cane banding on edges

• Lead-plated copper joins

• Chrome-plated hanging chain

• I will email you a picture for approval before shipment

• If glass is in stock, piece will be shipped within two weeks. I ship internationally


This symbol of eternal love has been passed down by early generations of Celtic peoples in Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and can be traced back to 2500 BCE. The trinity; two lovers knots intertwined with the symbol of infinity, conveys the intimate, unending nature of a permanent, perfect union between two lovers. Careful observation will reveal the rune of love "X" as well as the shape of a heart hidden within the design. The conveyance of these knots has since been replaced with the traditional Valentine's cards, yet the sentiment attached to the original Celtic Love Knot remains truly precious.

You can order your own choice of this wonderful stained glass window hanging. The combinations are endless. I have the combinations for the two knots shown but you can contact me and I will add any combination you want. I stock a wide selection of spectrum brand glass and can make a special order when needed. 


• Beautiful stained glass panel/sun catcher

• Features traditional Celtic Love Knot symbol

• Choice of glass style and color combination

• Oval shaped, measures 10" x 12.5", leaded and stained glass

• A unique Valentine's, anniversary, or wedding gift Design a unique gift for that special someone, and give them a symbol of your everlasting love with this exquisite celtic love knot stained glass panel.

Custom Made Wedding Knot

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Bride Ring
Groom Ring
  • First a paper pattern is cut out and glued onto the appropriate sheet of glass. Then each piece is cut and ground. The glass is then assembled onto a complete pattern with additional grinding to get a perfect fit. Next copper foil is applied to the edges and finally solder is melted to bind the pieces together. After careful cleaning with soap and water and air drying a zinc plated steel U came is fitted around the outside and joined with solder. Finally a chrome plated chain is added before the final cleaning and polishing.