Ready to ship Stained Glass Window Hanging Perfect for the Bathroom.Titled "Day is Done" Measures 9.5" x 13" with brass hanging chain. This piece features fluted clear glass background with the curtains made from rough rolled teal and red to present the illusion of crushed velvet. The entire work is a study in textures. This panel is cased in copper came with copper plated solder sealing it together.

Day is Done Ready to Ship Stained Glass Window Hanging Perfect for the Bathroom

  • First a paper pattern is cut out and glued onto the appropriate sheet of glass. Then each piece is cut and ground. The glass is then assembled onto a complete pattern with additional grinding to get a perfect fit. Next copper foil is applied to the edges and finally solder is melted to bind the pieces together. After careful cleaning with soap and water and air drying a zinc plated steel U came is fitted around the outside and joined with solder. Finally a chrome plated chain is added before the final cleaning and polishing.