Stained Glass Cabinet of Curiosities IV Window Panel is one of a kind work of art. This panel measures 10" x 12" joined with brass came and suspended by a brass clock chain. The solder is copper plated which gives a warm feeling about the entire piece. This panel is a true cabinet of Curiosities with two window fragments from a church ruin in Great Britain. It also contains Siede Coin (reproduction) and a gear train with bejeweled wheels. All of the glass has been selected for their beautiful patterns and seeding. This is a truly remarkable piece that you could lose yourself in the beauty of color and texture. Real leaded glass must not come in contact with food and always wash your hands after handing it. For inside display best in direct sunlight. Cleans with glass cleaner and lint free towel or paper towel. This item is too heavy for a standard suction cup best to hang from hook or if you use a cup make sure it is rated for 5-10 pounds.

Stained Glass Cabinet of Curiosities IV Featuring Hand Blown Glass Surrounded in

  • First a paper pattern is cut out and glued onto the appropriate sheet of glass. Then each piece is cut and ground. The glass is then assembled onto a complete pattern with additional grinding to get a perfect fit. Next copper foil is applied to the edges and finally solder is melted to bind the pieces together. After careful cleaning with soap and water and air drying a zinc plated steel U came is fitted around the outside and joined with solder. Finally a chrome plated chain is added before the final cleaning and polishing.