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Stained Glass Auctoritas Mea Roma Est I (Rome is my Influence I) Window Panel is one of a kind work of art. This panel measures 8" x 13" joined with zinc came and suspended by a nickel-plated chain. This piece is 4 years old so the came and solder have taken on a natural patina. This panel is a truly remarkable collection of old and new artifacts.

Upper right corner is a fragment from a church window from Great Britain. A reproduction of the Roman "COIN OF CLEPATRA" is diagonally left, with a amber colored glass pyramid directly below. In the lower right corner is a 19th century "Magic Lantern" side depicting a Roman ceremony. All of this is surrounded by exquisite glass from Italy and Germany as well as USA. To cap it all off a silver stamping of a scallop shell with one cobalt glass jewel balances out the left side.


Stained Glass Auctoritas Mea Roma Est I Window Panel

$400.00 Regular Price
$168.00Sale Price
  • First a paper pattern is cut out and glued onto the appropriate sheet of glass. Then each piece is cut and ground. The glass is then assembled onto a complete pattern with additional grinding to get a perfect fit. Next copper foil is applied to the edges and finally solder is melted to bind the pieces together. After careful cleaning with soap and water and air drying a zinc plated steel U came is fitted around the outside and joined with solder. Finally a chrome plated chain is added before the final cleaning and polishing.

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