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"Sunset in Maine" First Issue 2023 Shapleigh Series

Stained Glass Sun Catcher 

Stained Glass Sun catcher 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" Landscape with suction cup Included titled "Sunset in Maine"  This is the second  in a new series for 2023 based on lake communities in Shapleigh ME. Each of these is  one of a kind mini landscape impression. This one hs a in brass came framed in brass, with brass chain and copper patina. Suction cup and chain are included. It hangs 8" from that suction cup to the bottom of the frame. 

Real leaded glass must not come in contact with food and always wash your hands after handing it. For inside display best in direct sunlight. Cleans with glass cleaner and lint free towel or paper towel. This item is perfect for a suction cup and we provide one with it.

"Sunset in Maine" Stained Glass Catcher First Issue 2023 Shapleigh Series

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