Stained Glass Sun catcher 10 1/2" x 7" Landscape suction cup Included - White Mountains I - Blue sky with hills of blue, green and golden amber giving way to crystal clear New England sky. Then to a mixture of cloud and sun. It will include a suction cup and will hang 10 1/2" chain and frame forming a square visual in your sunny window. This work of art is made from hand blown Youghiogheny glass. No glass is exactly alike so it forms a one of kind work of art.

The White Mountains I Stained Glass Sun Catcher Mystic Mountain Landscape

  • First a paper pattern is cut out and glued onto the appropriate sheet of glass. Then each piece is cut and ground. The glass is then assembled onto a complete pattern with additional grinding to get a perfect fit. Next copper foil is applied to the edges and finally solder is melted to bind the pieces together. After careful cleaning with soap and water and air drying a zinc plated steel U came is fitted around the outside and joined with solder. Finally a chrome plated chain is added before the final cleaning and polishing.